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Marketing and the real estate industry

If you have a real estate project in progress or in mind... This article is for you!

Marketing rules have changed, which is why many construction companies are working on improving their sales through marketing strategies tailored to their objectives. Let's talk more about this...

Famous Inbound Marketing

Construction companies work on construction projects that last for a specific period of time, with specific objectives that must be met within that established period.

But before starting any project (or during, if you haven't started from the beginning), a good marketing plan plays a fundamental role in attracting potential clients to hire your business services.

And here our ally comes in... Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing is a set of marketing strategies to attract the buyer persona thanks to non-invasive content of value.

Briefly, these are the stages of Inbound Marketing…

Meet your ideal customer

Knowing your ideal customer or buyer persona (a fundamental piece of your online marketing strategy) is key to the success of your business.

This will allow you to adapt to the maximum the approach that you are going to give at the time of creating your content and you will be able to provide the product or service that your ideal client is demanding at the right time. To do all this, it is It is necessary to have a good content creation strategy

Increased number of leads

One of the great benefits, through the Inbound Marketing strategy, is that potential customers who have a real interest in the services or products you offer are able to reach your company, which is why it is said that leads ( clients interested in your product) are more qualified, and increase more.

More sales

Getting more leads is important, but…what we really want is to close more deals and increase sales.

What good is a marketing strategy if it generates more leads, but those leads are not translated into sales?

The good news is that inbound marketing does that magic… how does it do it? Through the contribution of valuable content. Content that will help your potential client to overcome his challenges. These contents may well be shared on the blog, on social networks, by email, etc.

An important choice...

Maybe up to now you have been managing your sales well, or you have simply never considered a marketing strategy for your real estate project... What really speaks for itself are the results.

We show you two of our latest success stories in this sector...

E55 is growing

This company, thanks to a proper marketing strategy with us, sold 75% of the project in 9 months.

¡Nothing is imposible!

Coco Paraíso is a real estate project that has worked with digital strategies in social networks. 98% of the building was sold in a few months. Thanks for trusting us!

Now that you know the benefits of incorporating Inbound Marketing into your real estate project, you understand why Ax Studios is what you need...

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to boost your real estate project

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